Royal Microblading Artist
Lina Tran Studio


Meet the Artist

        Lina started her journey in Newmarket, Ontario, being artistically inclined she excelled in her study of cosmetology at the International Hair Academy. Upon graduation in early 2009, she quickly moved on to become an assistant at the upscale salon, Woody Michleb, where comprehensive, on-the-job experience taught her the ins and outs of what it takes to be a skilled hair stylist. After working in the traditional setting of Woody Michleb Salon, Lina, sought a change of pace, and ventured out on her own, thus creating Lina Tran Studio.

         Her independence and success at the age of 22 was a testimony to her strong technical prowess and natural creativity. Still learning and growing in her career, Lina enhanced her skill set by studying at the most prestigious Microblading Academy in the world from Belgrade Serbia, PhiBrows, Grandmaster Branko Babic. She surpassed her curriculum which demanded strict criteria and standards and obtained her PhiBrows Artist Certifications. After hard work and dedication she received the highest title of acknowledgment of the Academy as Royal Artist for her skill and quality of her work. She is the 2nd in Canada to obtain the name Royal Artist and 1st in Toronto. 

          Lina continuously strives for perfection in her work, and effortlessly adds her own personal spin to each style she creates, finding the ideal look for each client she works with.

"the only way to create beauty is with art ."

Yours Truly,

​Lina Tran