​​How do I prepare?

1. Choose your artist: Lina Tran($650) orTho Dang ($400)

2. Carefully read through the TERMS AND CONDITIONS

3. Review the Aftercare Instructions

4. Fill out the Client Form

5. Contact for additional questions, booking, and online deposit to lina@linatranstudio.com

*accepted payments: VISA, MASTERCARD, and Interac Email Transfer 


Full face makeup will not interfere with the treatment


What to Avoid the day of:

         - Caffeine

         - Advil

         - Tylenol

         - Asprin
​         - Bloodthinners

         - Alcohol

         - Fish oil supplements 

This allows the skin to be ready for the treatment and promotes better healing results. 

​​​​​​Appointment Day 

Getting Ready 

​​​​​Lina Tran Studio

Royal Microblading Artist