Royal Microblading Artist

Important notes

Please note your eyebrows will be 40% darker and 15% thicker after treatment, as the healing process occurs the colour will soften and lighten up. 
The approximate healing period is 7 to 10 days, however healing can be prolonged if your immune system is compromised, or if you are generally stressed and by poor diet.

Bear in mind that in many cases, some spots needs a touch-up this is to be expected. This is the purpose of the re-touch visit allowing us to refresh your enhancement. This is complimentary after your first procedure, however if you do not attend your scheduled re-touch appointment within 4-6 weeks, you will be charged for any further treatment.

Long term care

Use a good sunscreen, as sun exposure will fade your enhancement.

If you are scheduled to have a chemical peel, laser procedure or an MRI scan, please inform the technician of your semi-permanent procedure. Please inform the
National Blood Service if you donate blood, as you may not be eligible to give blood for a year post application.


Proper care following your enhancement is necessary to achieve the best results. 

30 minutes to an 1 hour after the treatment rinse the eyebrows with provided solution (children’s or watered down antibacterial soap). Remove all the lymph and previously applied cream by doing so. After that apply a very thin layer of BrowCandy (balm,contains bees wax) or Vaseline if allergic to bees wax.
Repeat this procedure 3 to 5 times during the day.
If the treatment was done late in the afternoon and you do not have time to do it 3 to 5 times, put a plastic wrap over the eyebrows you previously applied the cream on, so that you protect the eyebrows from drying and wiping overnight.

In the next 7 days, maintain eyebrow hygiene and wash 3 times a day and apply the balm after washing your face or having a shower.
BrowCandy(balm) can be used on all skin types, due to its natural active components that regulate oiling.

What is to be avoided:

During the first 7 days all the creams (except for the protective one), all make-up (foundation) in the eyebrow area. Avoid workouts that involve a lot of sweating, sauna, facial massage and steaming – inhalation.

In the next 30 days:

Sunbathing, solarium, light therapies, chemical peelings, fruit acids, microdermabrasion, creams that contain regeneration factors.

Always avoid laser treatments over the treated area (fraxel laser, IPL), because they can destroy the pigment and cause burns.

Use of antibiotics and hormonal therapy can lead to a faster pigment fading. Always protect the eyebrows from the sun with SPFs (not during the first 7 days).


Healing it Right 

How do I care for my new brows?