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​​​​​Lina Tran Studio


Eyebrow Testimonials 

"Very professional lady. Out of 3 microblading experiences, this was by far the most superior. Lina is able to explain what she is doing and why with confidence..."

- Irene, Toronto

'Highly professional, explained the procedure clearly (which was absolutely pain free) my first tattoo experience so I was nervous! Absolutely amazing result- way beyond expectations! Should have done this much sooner. Would highly recommend Lina who does everything by hand and custom mixes colours to match skin tone and hair - a true artist. Remarkable talent."

- Jeanne, Toronto 






​9:30AM - 3PM






Rooted Blonde                       


Listed as Top 10 Microblading Salons in Toronto 2017


Experience the Precision, Creativity, and Expertise    

Microblading Toronto

Hair Testimonials

"Literally the best hair experience I've ever had! Lina explained the entire process to me so clearly, was so so so friendly, and my hair turned out perfect in the end. Totally worth the 6 hour process. People have been asking me where I got my hair done and I've referred them to her every single time."
- Lamia, Toronto

"Lina has been my hairdresser for about 4 years and I could not imagine my life without her. She can do EVERYTHING. Took me from box- dyed brown to lavender purple, applied and maintained my tape in extensions for just under a year, gave me a perfect ash blonde ombré without damaging my hair at all... her cuts are amazing and prices are so reasonable. I tell EVERYBODY about Lina, she's the best. If Lina moves (please don't,) I'm going with her."

- Mackenzie, Toronto