• Lina


We have officially hit peak 90’s revival. With Y2K fashion on the rise, it’s no surprise that we see some 90’s make-up trends coming back too. From bold and crisp brows to brow lamination, to microbladed brows, we have come full circle to thin brows for 2022. For everyone reading that lived through the ‘90s and plucked their brows into oblivion, there’s a strong chance you’re cringing at this news just like we are. It’s also likely that your natural response is to outright refuse the trend altogether (especially if you’re still trying to regrow your over-plucked brows).

So, if you want to join in on this trend, but without fully committing to it then follow these do’s & don’ts.

1. Do not over pluck this time! If you want to join in on this trend, use a razor instead of plucking, waxing, or threading. This will ensure that the hair follicle is not damaged which will allow the hair to regrow.

2. Concealer! It can do more than just cover up pimples and dark circles. Apply a concealer over the brow to make your existing brow lighter and create a blank canvas or your desired shape.

3. Invest in a good highlight! Using a good highlighter, under the arch, can give you more lift without removing more hair.

For those who have gotten microblading done or naturally fluffy brows and are worried about being “out of the trend”, worry not! This is one trend we see that won’t be lasting very long. As we have learned from our past mistakes, thin brows may be trendy in the moment, but over time they become less flattering. It’s true what they say, the eyebrows really frame the face. As eyebrow beauty gurus – we hear it all the time in our line of work “I’ve fallen into the over-plucked brow trend and now I can’t fix it”.

Eyebrow trends come and go like many others, but we find that your natural shape will always be timeless. After all, that is the shape that you were born with! However, old habits die hard, even a decade or two later. If you’re feeling tempted to pluck them dramatically thinner, strongly consider dropping the tweezers and consulting a professional who can offer subtle tweaks. We at Lina Tran Studio can surely help you find your shape with a consultation (: