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Make More Money 
With Less Time.

​If you are spending more than 5 minutes mapping, your missing out on money making opportunities.


Are you rushing your ink mask or the service because your running into your next appointment?

Are you asking yourself, how are artists fitting up to 4 clients a day?

Does it have you feeling...

Your taking too long to map?

The symmetry is off?

Difficulty solving forever changing eyebrow trends?

Wiping too much/correcting the shape?

You and/or your client can't agree to a shape?

  • Gain 250-360 more clients a year, that's an extra $75,000 a year

  • Cut your appointment in half 

  • Be confident with your mapping skills

  • A system that is guaranteed to work every time 

Maximize your time and spend time of what matters most.

I have developed this formula to over the years to optimize my time. I found myself constantly hitting road block after road block from trying different calipers, threads, stickers, and apps. This formula took the stress away from deciding on what shape best suits my clients and knowing that it will always be in trend. I was able to build my authority and confidence in my work and work efficiently. 

You will get to see a live demo of my client and I. How I measure exactly step by step so you can be on your way to save time and hassle. 

The course will cover:

Understanding your canvas

How to place the shape perfectly every time

Timeless brow shapes

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