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What Is Powder Brows?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

It is a brow tattoo that gently shades in the whole area of the brow. This is great if you have medium to dark hair, with 60% or more hair density. The result achieved with this technique will be a full, dense brow, with soft edges to maintain a natural looking result.

PRICE: $575 - $700


PAIN: 2/10

LASTS: 2-3 years

MAINTENANCE: Every 9-15 months

Hair density graphic without makeup

Who is powder brows for?

We recommend powder brows if you have 60% or more hair. Example below # 4. To have the most natural look while wanting full density.

How is powder brows done?

The brows are mapped out to your bone structure prior to the treatment. The artist slowly builds up the colour, starting at the tail end, and moves towards the head of the brow.

Before And After Power Brows

How many sessions is needed?

Our packages include 2 sessions (I Initial and I follow-up). Powder brows is a multi-step treatment, and at minimum 2 sessions are required for ink retention. Additional touch ups are booked on an as-needed basis, depending on each individual's level of ink retention. We recommend doing these touch ups within 4-8 weeks of the previous session for best results.

How long does powder brows last?

It can last 2-3 years depending on skin type and lifestyle. We recommend a refresher every 9-15 months, to brighten the colour.

How to prepare for your appointment

Let your brows grow naturally and avoid plucking & shaping, so your artist can see your natural pattern of hair growth. Arrive with freshly cleansed skin, that is makeup-free.

For 48 hours prior to your treatment, avoid caffeine and blood thinners (such as Advil or Aspirin.)

For 4 weeks prior to your appointment, avoid the use of regenerating skincare products in the forehead area. This includes retinol, vitamin C, and AHAs & BHAs. Please see the below graphic for a list of our general pre-care recommendations.

Consultations are highly recommended, so you can see your beautiful new brow shape in person prior to your treatment. If you are unsure which brow treatment is best suited to you, don't hesitate to reach out! Our talented artists can help advise which service is best suited to achieve your brow goals. If you have had previous brow work done, a consultation is mandatory. Please send us a photo of your current brows without makeup, so that our team can assess your eligibility for at treatment. TEXT photos to 905-392-8789, or EMAIL photos to


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