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Brow Tattoos Based On Skin Type

Did you know that your skin affects which brow tattoo would be best suited for you? Treatments are often recommended based on each individual's skin type. For optimal results, you can use this guide to help select the service that is right for you. First: read below, and select the skin type(s) that apply to you in the brow & forehead area.

Which skin type are you?

  • Coarse texture

  • Tight pores

  • May see visible flaking

  • Enlarged pores

  • Shiny appearance

  • Fluctuates during seasons (drier in winter, oilier in summer)

  • Blemish-free

  • Smooth surface

  • Reddens to the touch

  • Easily irritated by products

  • Frequent, easy blushing & flushing

  • Appears like an orange peel

  • Appears smooth and fine textured


  • Signs of ageing with loss of elasticity feels thin

  • Easily pinched skin with little resistance

  • Tight to the touch with high resistance

Which treatment is for you?

Oily Skin - We recommend nano and powder as it creates small punctures in the skin that allows it to close up and hold the pigment.

Dry Skin - As the skin is tight and have no visible pores, the skin can shrink the incision and heal quickly to absorb the pigment.

Normal Skin - It is suitable for all brow treatments. It depends on the fullness that you're looking for. Microblading is suitable for people with 60% or more hair, nano is suitable for people with 60% to no hair, and powder is suitable for 60% or more hair.

Sensitive skin - As the skin has many blood vessels close to the surface of the skin, nano and powder is best to for shallow tattooing.

Mature Skin - Nano is best to create a natural hairstroke result on thin skin. The machine method will help build as much or as little saturation needed for mature skin to create a beautiful result.

Thin Skin - Nano and powder is machine work that will help control the depth of the pigment entering the skin. This will help not traumatize the skin and lead to blotchy results.

Thick Skin - Most treatments are suited for thick skin as it has optimal skin density for pigment penetration.

Large Pores - Nano and powder is best suited as large pores have deep pockets which inhibit pigment retention.

Small Pores - All treatments are suitable as it provide a smooth textured canvas for the ink to lay in the skin.

Still unsure which treatment to select? Book a consultation with one of our skilled artists! We will be happy to answer any questions you have, and recommend the treatment type that is best suited to achieving your brow goals.


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