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What is Brow Tinting/Henna?

Brow hairs on top photo are laying sideways and the bottom photo has hair permed upwards for a sleek finish
Before and after henna process

Brow Henna is an eyebrow hair and skin stain to save you from filling in your eyebrows for up to 2 weeks. What's great about it, is that it is smudge-proof so you have perfectly shaped brows all day. It can also tint your brow hairs to cover greys or to deepen your natural colour.

How is Brow Henna done?

1. When you arrive we will analyze your natural face structure and map out your brows to the most complimentary and timeless shape.

2. The dye is applied to the tail ends of the brows first and working towards the front.

3. It will then process for 15-20 minutes and will be removed with a dampened cotton pad.

4. A nourishing treatment is then applied to seal the Henna.

Dynamic duo

One of the best ways to really get the most out of your Brow Henna is pairing Brow Lamination. It helps gives you the look of freshly brushed and groomed brows. These two are meant for eachother, giving you the best brow possible.

What's the aftercare for Brow Henna?

Avoiding water for 24 hours is the most important, this includes: Showering, baths, saunas and swimming.

Also consider in the next 24 hours:

• overly touching or rubbing of the area

• sun beds

• heavy creams

• makeup

• makeup remover

• sleeping on your face

• oil based products

Will Brow Henna damage my brows?

When performed‌, it can actually improve the condition and moisture by 60%.

How long does the Brow Lamination last?

It can last between 1-2 weeks on the skin and 1-2 months on the hair, this will depend on how diligent you are with the aftercare.

Does it hurt to get Brow Henna?

It is pain-free and very relaxing!

Can everyone get a Brow Henna done?

It is not suitable for clients with:

• eczema

• have sensitivities to inks/dyes

• chemical facials done in the last week

• severe acne in the brow area

Please note: It is encouraged to come prior to your appointment for a patch test to avoid any adverse reactions during your treatment.


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